“If you want something new, you have to stop doing something old.”

- Peter Drucker

Inzpiral labs is a space for research and creativity. Our mission is to discover and create innovative, scalable, high impact and differentiated technology services and products, through a systematic process for gathering and prioritizing ideas, building MVP’s (minimum viable products) and performing rigorous customer tests.

“Inzpiral Labs continuously creates and tests new services and product ideas, some of which later become new business units, assuring a continued stream of new revenue and opportunity sources for Inzpiral”

Sergio Mendoza
Co-Founder & Executive Director

Our team members enjoy a creative work environment, flexible schedules and an 80% dedication to innovation projects. We believe that our members are more valuable when granted a protected space in which to tinker. The only difference between us and a lab is that we don’t wear coats.


We are developing business intelligence for the retail of 2020

How our big data engines can transform the airline industry?

Got fast data processing capabilities? Telecommunications get ready!

Lean Startup

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