Meet the Team

Our Co-Founders

“We have a great focus on product and user experience, which is why our customers prefer us”

Pablo Godoy

CEO Inzpiral

“We breath innovation; if you are passionate about it,
contact us”

Sergio Mendoza

Executive Director

Our Managing Partners

“The retail of 2020 is around the corner. Brick and mortar store execution must be prepared”

Felipe Bianchi


“Enough of big data dilemmas, we want valuable actions”

Isa Bacigalupo


“We won´t drive your trucks, but we are one great co-pilot”

Sebastián Ojeda


“We want to shorten distances in the cargo and shipping industries. Load it up!”

Ernesto Goycoolea


“Productive creativity is efficiently finding the right things to build that will become scalable products”

Hernan Sanchez

Inzpiral Labs

Working @ Inzpiral

Fabian Ramirez

Senior Software Engineer

In only two years I´ve had been able to participate in both Frogmi and Beetrack. This has allowed me to know two different fields of engineering, and know in detail what is to capture large volumes of data in the field. Working in Inzpiral is challenging because it is one of the few Chilean companies I know that makes pure innovation and engineering with a focus on large companies. The young, professional and high capacity atmosphere allows you to achieve great challenges, even more with a flat organizational structure.

Monserrat Peralta

Senior Software Engineer

As an Industrial Engineer with a Computer Major, I’ve been able not only to develop software, but also work in project management. Working in Frogmi means a technical challenge in scalability and comprehensiveness, and working with customers along the whole continent is priceless. The work environment in Inzpiral is great, challenges evolve every day, which allows you to innovate, express your opinion and ideas on how to make the projects better. You can also change your plan if you feel like learning new things and evolve into different business areas.

Carlos Pulgar

Senior Software Engineer

I’m in a great place to work. Hierarchies are not noticed, and when in doubt everyone is there to help. Besides the workplace, there are many career possibilities in Inzpiral. Basically, you can do whatever you want within projects, which is not a common in other companies. Also, I’m always forced to learn new things, in my case, related to retail, airlines, sales and other business areas. Working in scalable and global products is definitely a plus for my experience.

We’re a team of 36 people based in Santiago, Chile. We are designers, coders, marketers, engineers, but most of all, we are free-thinkers, friends, self-starters and we get things done… while having fun of course.

  • Aracelli Gutiérrez
  • Sebastian Ojeda
  • Cristobal Undurraga
  • Carlos Pulgar
  • Felipe Martin
  • Sebastián Vasquez
  • Hernán Sanchez
  • Daniel Pizarro
  • Juan Pablo Lazcano
  • Paola Contreras
  • Angel Vásquez
  • Daniel Avila
  • Pablo Godoy
  • Daniela Barasorda
  • José Luis Honorato
  • Cristián Grasset
  • Sergio Mendoza
  • Enrique Marín
  • Roger Reyes
  • Alejandro Baltra
  • Montserrat Peralta
  • Nicolás Kipreos
  • Max Moreno
  • Fabián Ramirez
  • Claudio Novoa
  • Isa Bacigalupo
  • Priscilla San Martín
  • Alvaro Faúndez
  • Rodrigo Basoalto
  • Felipe Bianchi
  • Luis Jofré
  • Elaine Lam
  • Carolina Iturriaga
  • Ernesto Goycoolea
  • Rodolfo Morales
  • Domingo Godoy

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